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Marketing Digital 01: negocios en internet, marketing en la red y comercio electrónico

Internet marketing

Internet marketing
With the invention of the computer and the internet, we have underwent one of the largest technological
transformations of all time! It is now possible with just a laptop and internet connection to make a full
time living from any place on the planet!

Never before have we been able to reach out to so many people at the same time with the push of one button.

Internet marketing has become a tool which allows people to make virtually any amount Of money they desire!
Many methods of making money on the internet are being used today.

The lure of easy money has attracted all types of people to the internet marketing space and nearly every
marketing tactic has either been tried or will be attempted in the future.
Some of the method’s that are working well at the time of this article are video marketing, e-mail marketing,
client consulting, SEO, affiliate marketing, lead generation, launch jacking, creating your own digital
products and many more!

Of these marketing methods launch jacking has the potential to create huge amounts of revenue in a short
amount of time! What is launch jacking or more specifically product launch jacking? The marketing method
of product launch jacking in its simplest terms is leveraging the momentum of a new product as it comes
out on the market and capitalizing on the buzz or hype of that product’s release!

One of the most successful internet marketer’s at doing this is Anik Signal who reportedly made in
excess of 1 million dollars on one product launch, this was on a product that he created called the
inbox blueprint!

Anik Signal who is also known as the fighting entrepreneur has launched several product’s in his marketing
career and is also the author of a very popular book titled the Circle of Profit! Anik is also about to
launch a new internet marketing product called Profit Academy which is going to be available on 2/23/2015,
if Anik’s previous track record is any indicator it is a pretty safe bet that he will be very successful
on this launch too!For anyone that is interested about his latest product they can read about it here
Profit Academy Review.

The world of internet marketing is a very exciting way to make a living and also requires That you learn a
unique and constantly changing skill set, for the few that persevere it can be highly rewarding!